Talanx – a global player

As a global player with its roots in Germany, the Talanx Group is one of the leading insurers in Germany and Europe, with sites in over 40 countries. We visited three of them and talked to our local colleagues about their business.

The Talanx Group actively responds to the challenges of a globalised world. It aims at successfully generating above-average business, particularly abroad. Strategic cooperations and acquisitions of companies that are well-positioned in terms of sales in the defined regions of Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia will help extend the Group’s ability to act internationally.

Industrial Lines offers worldwide service to industrial groups and mid-size companies and at the same time is gaining new customers on the local markets. Foreign companies consolidated under Talanx International conduct local business with retail and commercial customers. Reinsurance per se is an international business: One of the basic instruments used in reinsurance is to diversify large and complex risks globally in order to make them manageable.

Photo: Talanx headquarter in Hannover

Starting point


Hannover is our largest location in Germany, with 3,700 employees. The management teams of Talanx’s important core divisions are based at HDI-Platz 1. Hannover is thus the starting point for a central Group strategy that we then follow locally and implement on an ongoing basis at indi-vidual Group companies. This allows cost-efficient bundling of standardised business processes while simultaneously leaving scope for us to use regional expertise to serve individual customers.

Photo: View of the centre of Warsaw
The Palace of Culture and Science is the highest building in Poland, at 231 metres. Its facilities include several cinemas, theatres and museums, and it is regarded as a Warsaw landmark.


1st destination


Poland is now the Talanx Group’s second-largest European market following the latest takeovers. WARTA S. A., Poland’s second-biggest insurance company, is based in the centre of Warsaw and is well established on the rapidly growing Polish insurance market.


Destination Warsaw

Foto: View of the centre of Tokyo
The Eiffel Tower in red and white: the Tokyo Tower, at a height of 333 metres, is a faithful replica of the original in Paris and a city landmark. The tower required 28,000 litres of paint for aviation safety reasons. At night, the tower is lit up in orange.

2nd destination


The Talanx Group operates in the areas of industrial insurance and reinsurance in the Japanese capital. Trusted brands such as HDI-Gerling and Hannover Re, combined with a local presence, are the key to developing long-term customer relationships on Japan’s complex insurance market.

Destination Tokyo


Foto: View of the centre of São Paulos
The record world champion Brazil will next year host the football World Cup for the second time since 1950. Despite its extraordinary architecture, however, the Estádio Pacaembu will not be used as a venue.

3rd destination

São Paulo

Brazil has one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. For its population the need for security rises as prosperity increases. HDI Seguros, based in São Paulo, provides customer-specific solutions with its core business areas of property, casualty and motor insurance.


Destination São Paulo